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4 tips when conducting a house clearance with an injury

Undertaking a house clearance is a laborious, time-consuming project for anyone, no matter how big the team involved. Even the fittest and most well individuals need a few days to recover after a few days of heavy lifting, long days and using muscles they haven’t used in a while.
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How to conduct a house clearance when you have children

A full (or even partial) house clearance is a stressful time in itself. There’s a lot of work to be done and normally on a timescale. There’s a lot to think about before, during and after a house clearance and it can fog the mind a little bit, even if you’ve done one before!
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House Clearance Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

New clients always have so many questions when they first get in touch with us. And they’re usually the same questions each time.
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House Clearance Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Whilst we were writing our recent FAQ blog post, we realised just how many questions we get asked on the daily that would be useful to share. So, we kept some of them back to create a part 2 of the blog post to help you out even more.
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House Clearance Frequently Asked Questions

A recent study found that people move home an average of 1.8 times in their life. That’s really not a lot when you think about it. But you don’t have to be moving house to clear a property. You could have lost a loved one who’s estate is your responsibility to clear, be taclking hoarding and so on.
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6 tips to help put an end to waste culture

Many people see recycling as an additional household chore. They see it as an extra bit of rubbish that they need to organise and sometimes don’t have space for. The truth is, every material that goes into landfill that could’ve been recycled is damaging our planet and will continue to do so for years to come.
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How to conduct a 'green' house clearance

With the increased focus on being ‘green’ over the last few years, organisations (and individuals) such as ourselves, are trying to do their best to sustain our planet. With every house clearance that we undertake, we ensure we are always keeping the planet’s best interests at heart.
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Everything you need to know about recycling electricals

We see it time and time again; you think everything is going swimmingly with your house clearance, until you come to the things you have absolutely no idea how to get rid of appropriately; electricals.
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What to do with your unwanted furniture

When you’re conducting a house clearance, knowing what to do with unwanted furniture can become a difficult problem-solving task. If you haven’t got access to a van, or don’t know someone who has a van who’s willing to give you a hand, how do you get rid of it?
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Why you should avoid using skips at all costs

Maybe you’re decluttering; maybe you’re moving abroad and need to get rid of everything you don’t class as ‘essential’; or maybe a loved one has passed away and their property has a lot of rubbish which needs clearing
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How to prepare for a house clearance

When you’re at the start of trying to clear a property, for whatever reason, the task ahead can seem long, daunting, stressful and time-consuming. There is such a lot of effort involved in house clearance, that it definitely seems like a marathon, rather than a sprint. And when you’re doing it on a deadline, that normally only adds to the stress.
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Using a professional house clearance company vs hiring a van

No matter what the reason for conducting a house clearance, whether it be a deceased estate, end of tenancy or getting ready for sale; it tends to be quite a stressful process. Even if you have a team of family and friends behind you ready to help on the inevitable ‘moving day’ or deadline, the run-up can be difficult to manage calmly.
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