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By unknown, Aug 21 2015 02:00PM

1. One of the instrumental factors when planning a house clearance is time, ensuring everything goes as smooth as possible. A good suggestion for two people undertaking a house clearance is to allow about ½ a day per room that needs to be cleared. This may seem a lot but it gives you sufficient time to do the job and remove the stress that comes with it.

2. Once you've made some time in your schedule for the house clearance, the next step is to go through everything to decide which items you wish to keep, which you want to sell or donate, and which items are to be cleared by labelling as such.

3. Almost there now! But before you call to arrange to take it away, you need to work out how much stuff you have.

The easiest way of estimating volume is to think in terms of a standard domestic skip. How many standard skips - the six-yard type one commonly sees outside a domestic building site - do you think your bulky items would fill? You don't need to be exact, just estimate to the nearest skip load. Once complete, add it all up and get a total volume estimate.

4. Take care of your confidential documents, as Identity theft is a growing problem in the UK. Dispose all bank statements, credit card receipts or health records etc by shredding.

In addition, if you are undertaking a house clearance for a deceased relative, be careful not to shred any documents you might require later. If you are in any doubt talk to the solicitor or executor dealing with the estate

By unknown, Aug 18 2015 12:00PM

Does your garage need clearing out? Do you need help sorting through you items in your garage? Clear and Clean can help you. We offer a service based around Gloucester and Cheltenham. We are happy to help sort through it all, or perhaps you would prefer to leave it entirely to us.

Whatever you choose to do, give us a call and we are happy to help. Please contact us on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By unknown, May 15 2015 09:00AM

A lot of people find clearing out their garden a real chore. Clear and Clean House Clearance offer a service around Gloucester and Cheltenham so you don't have to do the chores you hate.

Your garden can accumulate a lot of waste, Clear and Clean offer to clear your garden of unwanted items like slabs, pots, gravel, rubble, garden waste, soil, masonry, garden structures, trellis, gates, fencing, shrubs, foliage, leaves, branches, bricks and clippings.

If you are interested in making your life a little simpler then please do not hesitate to call us on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By House Clearance, May 12 2015 10:23PM

Summer is nearly upon us and its the last chance to have that spring clean that we have all been putting off.

Clear & Clean House Clearance can help you do just that if you live in Gloucester, Cheltenham or anywhere in Gloucestershire.

Did you know we offer the following house clearance services locally:

> Complete house clearance

> Garage Clearance

> Garden Clearance

> Loft clearance

> Shed Clearance

> Small or single item removal

Not only do we clear your items away we also offer a deep clean service leaving the room better than it was before.

Don't hesitate get in touch today and contact us via our website

By unknown, May 12 2015 09:36PM

Are you a landlord? Have you got a property that needs clearing out in Gloucester or Cheltenham? Have you got an old tenant that has left belongings in the property which is preventing a prompt re-let? Then look no further as Clear and Clean House Clearance offer an end of tenancy clear out.

Clear and Clean House Clearance can also clean your property once it is cleared of unwanted items. We are professionals in deep cleaning and will ensure your property is ready for a new tenant.

If you would like a free and no-obligation estimate, or require expert and honest advice, please contact us on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

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