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By David, Oct 30 2019 12:12PM

When it comes to choosing a new company for any type of service, the decision-making process of who to choose can be tricky. Are you choosing the right company? Are they reliable? Will they show up? Will they get the job done on time? There are so many unknowns involved. And, things can be become more complicated if you’re an indecisive person, or maybe a bit of a worrier.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we understand that it can be difficult to put your trust in a company you’ve never used before. So, we’re giving you some tips on how to decide on and book the best house removal/clearance company for you.

1. Does your estate agent/solicitor have any recommendations?

We work really closely with both estate agents and solicitors in Gloucestershire. These types of businesses are always really keen to work with us because they know we’re a hard-working and reliable business who go above and beyond to help their clients. They understandably want to refer their clients to someone they know they can trust, so asking if they can refer you to any house removal/clearance companies is a good starting point. Plus, you’ll feel a bit more at ease using a business that comes with multiple recommendations.

2. Google is your friend

If your estate agent/solicitor doesn’t have any recommendations, or you’d like to look at some other options too, head to Google. Googling terms such as ‘House Clearance Gloucestershire’ or ‘House Removal Tewkesbury’ will display lots of relevant businesses for you to have a browse through.

3. Check reviews

A great way to check the reliability of a service you’re thinking of using, is seeing what kind of experience previous customers had. We understand that it can be hard to let strangers into your home and handle your belongings. That’s why we always ask our customers to leave us a review – to help people like you be assured that you can trust us.

4. Phone around

If you’ve narrowed it down to a view different house removal companies and you’re not sure where to go from here, give each business a call.

It’ll quickly give you an insight into the company, their values and probably availability too!

At this stage, we’d also give you a free, no-obligation quote.

5. Check their website

When you’ve come to a decision and it’s time to make the booking, check their website to see what their process is. Most house removal companies will be reachable by phone/email. Some may use online booking systems. Each business will differ.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we always suggest giving us a call to book. That way, we can have a chat, learn about you and your clearance/removal and make sure we can help in the way that you need us to.

Every house move is totally unique to the homeowner and we put a lot of effort into making the move as personalised as possible to the client.

We’d also add that in our many years of working in this industry, we guarantee there’s nothing we haven’t seen. So if you’re worried about something, or are perhaps going through a difficult time, please let us know. One of our many strengths is tailoring the whole experience to you, including ensuring you have the support you need to get you through the move.

If you’re currently looking to book a house removal/clearance company in Gloucestershire, or just have some initial questions, give David a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. He’ll chat with you about your needs, let you know our availability and give you a free quote too. We’ll be more than happy to see how we can help.

By David, Oct 23 2019 11:04AM

Every house clearance company operates differently. Most house clearance companies that we’re aware of, focus solely on removing unwanted items from a property and disposing of them. Not many clearance companies will offer a ‘removals’ service. This is where, if a client is moving home, the company clears the property, taking the client's belongings to the new property. Then they will dispose of the unwanted items too.

Clear and Clean House Clearance are really proud to offer both house clearance and house removal services. But… with something a little extra. We do house removals with a difference. We even include cleaning in our packages, so there’s no need to hire an additional company to help. Check out the below questions to see how we’re so different from other house removal companies around.

How does the process work?

You simply book us for the moving date that you need. We’ll come and start boxing things up and labelling them by room in the weeks beforehand. Then we’ll remove everything on moving day, so you don’t need to do a thing. Oh… and we’ll also return to clean the property!

What happens to items you want to keep?

We stagger our removals package over a period of time, so things aren’t left until the last minute. This way, you can see things coming together. From a few weeks before, we’ll agree on dates to come in and start boxing and labelling things up, room by room. When the time comes for the big move, we’ll simply come in, pop everything onto our van, and unload all boxes in the appropriate room in the new property.

What happens to items you don’t want to keep?

All you need to do is let us know the products you don’t want to take with you. We will then segment these items by material/items that can be donated/salvaged.

We never take items to landfill, so will either recycle, donate or upcycle your unwanted belongings.

What services do you provide?

With our house removal declutter package, we do all the boxing, clearing and moving. We’ll then return to the property to clean it to a professional standard, so it’s ready for its new occupants.

We take a lot of time to ensure all unwanted items are dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. Any items that can be salvaged will be taken to charities/our friends who love to upcycle old products. Any items that can’t be salvaged will be segmented and recycled. So, you can be assured you aren’t contributing to the ongoing landfill epidemic.

We also have a huge amount of experience working with sensitive removals/clearances like hoarders and bereaved families. We provide an incredibly personal approach, with emotional support; with many of our clients saying we become part of the family for the time we’re with them. So, if you’re going through a hard time and are worried about trusting a company to come into your home and sort through your belongings, please call David for a chat and some reassurance.

When do I pay?

There are no up-front costs with our house removal declutter package. Full payment can be made after the project is complete/when the house hits completion. Why? Because we understand that moving home is stressful and expensive. So, if you need us to wait until your house completes for payment, we’re happy to do that.

Who do you work with?

We work with so many types of clients. We work with direct clients who are moving home/decluttering, hoarders, bereaved families, companies who are moving premises etc.

We also have partnerships with Estate Agents, Solicitors and other types of businesses. We know that companies like Estate Agents prefer to refer their clients to companies they know they can trust. That’s why, when it comes to Estate Agents referring clients to a removals company in Gloucestershire, we’re always the first choice.

If you’d like to know more about the process, have any more questions or would like a free quote, please call David for a chat today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Oct 14 2019 10:00AM

Moving home is usually an exciting time. A new place to live, perhaps a better garden, a new location and a fresh start! It’s all going so well until you realise it’s time to start getting organised for the dreaded house move

Many people don’t know that this process doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re an estate agent who is waiting on a seller to hand the property over under vacant possession; or even a buyer, waiting to move into a new property, things can be tense. This is because everything is down to the seller to ensure the property is left in a good condition by the deadline.

With so many different things to think about, many people find themselves thinking ‘I wish I could just get someone else to do the move for me’. Well guess what? They can... we can! Here are a few things that we, at Clear and Clean House Clearance do, to make a house removal as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

1. Avoid up-front fees

When you’re moving home, there are so many fees involved! It’s a good idea to avoid as many up-front fees as you can. We know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s nearly impossible!’… but our removals package makes this really easy for you. We don’t charge a single thing, not even a deposit until your house hits completion. Meaning that we can conduct your whole house removal whilst you can focus on the sale of the property. Then, when your house sells, you have the cash to pay us.

2. Don’t do everything all at once

As with most situations, it can be stressful to leave things until the last minute. This is why we stagger our removal period over a period of time. Rather than waiting until super close to the deadline day, we start early by coming in to pack boxes and get things organised. Depending on the size of the removal, we’ll do this for as long as we need to.

Then, when move-out day comes, everything runs smoothly for clearing the property. We then return to clean the property and leave it in perfect condition for vacant possession.

3. Organise a box of ‘essentials’

When you’ve boxed so many different items, it can be tricky to remember where everything is located. So, when you get to your new home, you’re having to rummage through every box looking for the things you need.

This is why we always prepare you a ‘care package’ containing things like phone chargers, toothbrushes, spare clothes, towels, plates and cutlery.

4. Plan where everything will go

It is so easy to just put the things you don’t want in black backs and pay someone to take them to the tip. But have you ever thought about how much you’re contributing to landfill, and what exactly that does to our planet?

We help our clients stop over 552 tons of unwanted items from going to landfill every single year. We take the things you don’t want and either recycle them, donate them or pass them on to charitable upcyclers. This is a really positive thing to do if you’re deciding which items to keep from a loved one who’s passed away. We have great relationships with charities, recyclers and up-cyclers, and the removal of the items from your property is all included in our removals package.

Whether you’re a homeowner who’s selling their property, or an estate agent looking to refer some clients to a trusted, Gloucestershire-based company, get in touch today. Give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 and we can have a chat and see how we can help.

By David, Oct 9 2019 09:05AM

Moving home is usually a stressful and emotional time. Whether someone is selling/letting their property due to a change in circumstances, a family bereavement, or whether they’re just finally saying goodbye to their childhood home; emotions are normally at a high.

Many home sellers will hire a team/man with a van to help with the move. But when dealing with a sensitive situation, such as bereavement or losing a family home, it can be hard to deal with commercial companies. This is because they have an inventory to work by and to them, your client’s house is just another house to clear.

On the other side of things, many home sellers won’t have the funds to invest in a clearance right now. So, they’ll try and do everything themselves. We’re here to tell you exactly how partnering your Gloucestershire-based Estate Agent with Clear and Clean House Clearance will make your client’s lives easier and save them a lot of time, stress and up-front cash.

1. Extremely personal approach

As mentioned above, most clearance companies/van hires take on every house removal as just another project. This will mean a normally impersonal approach, which can be difficult when leaving a property with fond memories or clearing a loved one’s previous belongings.

The main thing that makes us unique from all other clearance/removal companies, is that we truly focus on the client and their needs. We tailor every single house clearance to each family/individual and by the time we leave, we’re very much considered a part of the family.

2. Specialities in sensitivity and difficult situations

We recognise that no house move is straight forward. We have years of experience in dealing with extremely sensitive and difficult situations. We’ve spent a long time working with hoarders, bereaved families and more, ensuring that they are fully supported through the whole process and that they don’t feel alone.

3. Exceptional quality of work

We’re known for being the company that goes above and beyond to get the job done. Your clients won’t need to hire a cleaner/van/removals company because we’re three of those in one! Once we’ve cleared the property, we will always return to clean it back to pre-sale standard, ready for vacant possession.

An Estate Agent we work with actually recently received an email thanking the team (us) for leaving the property in such immaculate condition. It meant the new owners could move in more or less straight away, something which was totally unexpected by all parties.

4. Added perks

Towards the time of the move-out date, we even put together a little ‘care package’ for clients. This is usually a box which contains essentials such as phone chargers, plates, cutlery, spare clothes, towels etc. All those things that you don’t want to be rummaging through boxes for, directly after moving.

5. We’re completely green

Our business is modelled around looking after the environment. By Estate Agents referring their clients to us, they’re doing more than their bit for the environment. We avoid taking unwanted items to landfill at all costs, resorting to other options like recycling, donation, upcycling etc. Every year, our company stops over 552 tons of waste from going to landfill. You and your clients can be a part of that.

We also securely dispose of sensitive data such as bank statements in what we call a ‘confidential offload’. Or if a client prefers, they can enquire about shredding services. The removal is truly theirs and we’ll always try and accommodate their needs.

6. Pay nothing until house completion

Yes, you read that right. We don’t charge clients a single penny until their house completes. There is no deposit and no added interest. We get that moving home/selling a home can be expensive in terms of fees. So, that’s why we try and do our bit to help ease your client’s cashflow.

7. We have a genuine passion for helping people

Adding to the list of other things you probably won’t get with a man with a van, is genuine passion. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories and seeing how we can tailor our service to help them in any way possible. Every clearance/removal we do is different, and we love a new challenge.

If you’d like to have chat to see how a two-way referral partnership could work between us and your Estate Agents, get in touch today. You can also hear about the incentive packages we put together for each Estate Agent referral! Give us call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086, and we’ll go from there.

By David, Oct 3 2019 11:03AM

Valuers, surveyors, solicitors, estate agents; there are so many different parties involved in a house sale, we understand why a seller may be reluctant to involve any more. But what if that one last company took a huge amount of pressure off the person selling the house? So much pressure, that when it came to clearing everything to move out, they didn’t have to do anything?

At Clear and Clean House Clearance, we have lots of specialities. We work closely with lots of estate agents around Gloucestershire who love referring us to their clients who are selling/letting properties. We help their clients ensure their property is clear, clean and ready to go back on the market. And their clients don’t need to worry about a single thing.

Here are some of the perks of estate agent’s clients using a house clearance company when a property is going on the market.

1. Cost Management

We get that getting a property on the market is expensive. Whether a client is letting/selling, there are lots of fees involved. That’s why we:

a) Don’t charge an up-front payment/deposit

b) Don’t charge anything until the project is complete

So your clients can pay us once their house sale has completed.

2. A strong environmental focus

Lots of the population are starting to make more of an effort to look after our planet. If this is you, or your client, you may worry about using a house clearance company who will take your unwanted items to landfill.

Well you certainly don’t need to worry about that with Clear and Clean House Clearance. Our whole ethos is ‘green’, and we’ve dedicated the structure of our business to avoid landfill. We take other measures such as recycling, donation, upcycling etc. So, you can rest knowing that your/your client’s house move isn’t contributing to landfill.

3. Less stress

Moving home is well-known as one of the most stressful experiences in someone’s lifetime. The solicitor is organising the finances, the estate agent is looking after the sale. Let us take care of one of the most stressful parts; the clearance. We’ll take care of everything and the seller can be as involved as they like to be.

We’ll also conduct the clearance over a period of time so the seller can see everything coming together; rather than waiting until moving day to see things start to progress.

4. A supportive & sensitive approach

For many, the sale of a property isn’t always an exciting time or by choice. We work with many families who are going through difficult bereavements and who have no choice but to sell their loved one’s properties due to mortgage costs. We also help a lot of hoarders declutter, something which is normally a difficult and emotional experience for them.

Here at Clear and Clean House Clearance, we have many years’ experience in providing specialist support with a sensitive approach. We are welcomed by our clients and quickly become a member of the family, helping them work through whatever obstacles they need to overcome. This level of service has proven to be invaluable to our clients and it’s service that you certainly wouldn’t receive from a ‘man with a van’.

5. Everything is under 1 roof

You won’t need a moving van, cleaner or skip because we are all 3. All our quotes include clearing the property, removing all items (with the environment in mind) and cleaning it afterwards. You won’t need to worry about organising the logistics of getting multiple different professionals involved, because everything is under 1 roof. Pun intended!

6. Flexibility

Commercial moving companies work to tight timescales, inventories and unfortunately sometimes like a personal approach.

We offer a huge amount of flexibility so clients are always made to feel that they can change their mind with what items they’d like to keep or have removed. We always ensure that you’re left with what you want.

7. Added value

When we work on a project before it goes on the market, it can add a lot of value onto a property. Once of our recent clearances added a massive £20,000 onto a property’s value.

The fact is, properties sell for more when they’re clear, clean and decluttered. Especially when it’s to a professional standard.

If you’re an estate agent who’s keen to start referring your clients to a friendly, efficient & extremely professional family-run house clearance business, give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We have lots of great, two-way referral partnerships and we’re looking build even more.

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