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By David, May 27 2019 09:00AM

Many people see recycling as an additional household chore. They see it as an extra bit of rubbish that they need to organise and sometimes don’t have space for. The truth is, every material that goes into landfill that could’ve been recycled is damaging our planet and will continue to do so for years to come.

We think that the mission of our generation is to raise awareness of the damage that landfill is causing, and encourage everyone to stop contributing to waste culture.

You may be thinking ‘easier said than done’, but did you know that research suggests it only takes 21 days to form a habit? So 3 weeks of changed behavior and you could start to see your new, environmentally friendly ways, as a part of your daily routine.

Here are 6 tips to put an end to waste culture when conducting a house clearance:

1. Stop producing waste

It all comes down to stopping actually buying the things that are producing waste.

At Clear and Clean House Clearance, we make it our mission never to produce waste. So our clients can always be assured their waste/rubbish/belongings will be removed and disposed of/donated/recycled in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

2. Use big ton sacks

Rather than multiple black bin bags that are made from plastic, and therefore will contribute to methane pollution when decomposed; use ton sacks instead which ensures we aren’t contributing to global warming.

3. Recycle

It’s all about re-using/re-purposing things rather than letting them end up in landfill. Ensure you recycle every single product that can be recycled to prevent it ending up in landfill. This ensures it will be reused/turned into something else.

We have excellent relationships with recyclers and recycle 100% of everything that pick up which is recyclable, which means we literally go out of our way to be help the planet.

4. Donate

Things that you think have no value may hold value to someone else. Make donations or use our services to help with your house clearance because we work with organisations who send our donations out to third world countries to be reused.

5. Upcycle

Think about all of the trees that are continuously being cut down to make brand new furniture. If you’re fancying a change, consider either upcycling your furniture, or finding a piece of already upcycled furniture. Then you can be sure you aren’t contributing to the demand for brand new furniture.

Likewise, when needing to get rid of furniture, think about donating/selling it to an up-cycler who will give it a new lease of life, preventing someone else down the line from purchasing new furniture.

We have good connections with local upcyclers who ensure that furniture gets put to fantastic use for more years to come. This transferal of furniture from your house to them is included in the cost of the house clearance.

6. Buy recycled products

Make a special effort to purchase products that are made from already-recycled materials. Then when you recycle it and re-purchase a recycled product, you can be confident that you’re doing a huge amount for the environment.

We salvage good quality cleaning products and other items from house clearances. Then we ensure they’re recycled when they’re empty.

As being environmentally friendly is our ethos, we plan every clearance around the safe disposal of whatever materials we collect from your property. Over the space of a month, we recycle/donate an estimated 15 tons of generic bric-a-brac, 8 tons of metal which gets broken down, 4 tons of wood, 4 tons of furniture which gets donated/up-cycled and around 15 tons of paper which goes to recycling. That’s over 46 tons a month which we prevent from going to landfill. That’s 552 tons a year.

If you’d like a free, no obligation quote for your house clearance, be it full or partial, be sure to give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, May 22 2019 12:00PM

With the increased focus on being ‘green’ over the last few years, organisations (and individuals) such as ourselves, are trying to do their best to sustain our planet. With every house clearance that we undertake, we ensure we are always keeping the planet’s best interests at heart.

As science is getting more advanced, we are continuously learning what damages our planet and subsequently, what alternative actions we can to switch to, to prevent any further damage. Over the years, we’ve adapted our house clearance method so we’re more and more environmentally or ‘eco’ friendly.

A huge contributing factor of global warming is the release of methane into the air, which happens when certain materials (like plastic) decompose in landfill. We, as a nation, are trying hard to minimise the amount of methane being produced. And now, with the younger generation getting on board willfully, we can expect big change in future years. Every little change helps, but really, we need to see mass-change all over the world, starting from now. We believe this comes in the form of education and truly ‘doing your bit’ and making the effort to help.

We’re here to show you how we at Clear and Clean House Clearance are ‘doing our bit’ to help the environment.

1. Our Ethos

Our whole ethos is about being green. We think this is the most important part as we aren’t just being eco-friendly when we can or when it suits us, we actually base our house clearance methods around the environment. The environment has been considered in every part of what we do, and we only act in its best interests.

2. Recycling

A huge part of being environmentally friendly and reducing the production of methane is actually recycling plastic instead of throwing it in the waste bin. This is why one of the biggest (and most time consuming) parts of a Clear and Clean House Clearance is the segmentation of materials. Everything is separated using our colour coding regime and then we recycle absolutely everything that we can.

We have built fantastic relationships with recycling centres over the years which shows our life-long dedication to helping save the planet.

3. Salvaging cleaning products

It’s very rare that we buy cleaning products. We will normally salvage them from house clearances, so we aren’t continuously buying plastic.

4. Time & Money

You may have read about cafe chain, Boston Tea Party in the news recently. They have completely banned single-use cups, meaning unless you bring your own, buy a reusable cup, or pay a deposit, you can’t have coffee to-go. This has cost them £250,000 as they’re down 25% on their annual takings. But they’re happy they’ve made the right decision for the environment.

What we’re doing here at Clear and Clear House Clearance is very similar. It would be so easy for us to arrive at a house clearance, pack everything into one van and take it to a landfill site. We would finish jobs so much quicker and fit in more time to work with more clients. But we don’t, because we understand how much of an impact this landfill would have on the planet in years to come.

On a monthly basis, we stop around 46 tons of materials from going to landfill. That’s over 552 tons a year. These are items such as generic bric-a-brac, bed sheets, pillow cases, towels etc. This is because we take the take the time to carefully segment house clearance items and recycle/upcycle/donate absolutely everything that we can.

If you’re looking for a house clearance company who genuinely cares about its clients and the environment, then you’ve found the right one. Give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a chat alongside a free, no obligation quote.

By David, May 17 2019 03:00PM

We see it time and time again; you think everything is going swimmingly with your house clearance, until you come to the things you have absolutely no idea how to get rid of appropriately; electricals.

Can they be recycled? Can they be taken to the tip? Thrown in a skip? Donated? If so, how do you go about transferring them when there’s only 2 of you and a hatchback?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get rid of electricals in a house clearance.

1. Electricals that are still working

If electricals are still functioning properly, don’t throw them away, donate them instead.

We understand that this is sometimes an extra journey/more time, but what’s the point in destroying an item if it works?

When conducting house clearances, Clear and Clean House Clearance will always segment items and donate those still in working order. A huge amount of our collections are donated to an organisation that organises the transferal of them to third world countries to be reused You don’t need to worry about the item’s size, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to.

2. Electricals that aren’t working

Ask yourself if the item has a plug, batteries, needs charging or if it has a picture of a crossed-out bin on it. If so, then it should be recycled. Electricals can’t just be thrown away, you could face a fine under the duty of care if you do.

How you go about recycling electrical items completely depends on what the item is. For example, there are all sorts of legislations involved when disposing of fridge/freezers including the duty of care, removal of ODS and recycling and recovery. One of the most important regulations is the removal of ODS as it states that you must remove Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) in a controlled manner before getting rid of the fridge/freezer. If not, you could face a hefty fine.

Not only that, but some scrap yards don’t take fridge/freezers/other electricals, so you’ll need to check before arranging transport and people to help.

At Clear and Clean House Clearance, we will undertake this process for you. Including the decommissioning process, transfer and the donation/recycling of the item. All you have to do is call us and arrange a time.

3. Older electricals

You may face the same challenges with the older electricals as above with not knowing what to do with them. After all, there are lots of rules and regulations for each electrical.

Whilst we’re conducting a house clearance, we take all older electricals to an organisation where the item is broken down so that its components can be used. So you can be assured we’re helping you do your bit to help the planet too.

If you have belongings that need removing from your property or work place, whether it be a full or partial house clearance, make sure you get in touch with us on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a free, no obligation quote. We put the greatest amount of pride into our family-run business and we will be more than happy to welcome you on board.

By David, May 6 2019 10:00AM

When you’re conducting a house clearance, knowing what to do with unwanted furniture can become a difficult problem-solving task. If you haven’t got access to a van, or don’t know someone who has a van who’s willing to give you a hand, how do you get rid of it?

It may also seem that the furniture is way past its sell-by date in your opinion, so it’s only suitable for one place; the skip. But you don’t know how wrong you could be. Take a look at our ideas for what to do with your unwanted furniture below for some inspiration and ideas.

1. Charities

Many people will invite charities to their house clearance to pick and select what they’d like to take. The trouble with this method is that charities are becoming increasingly ‘selective’ of the things they choose. Also, it’s the van drivers who will choose the items a lot of them time. Many items with scuff marks, scratches etc. will normally be rejected.

A lot of the time, you may get rid of a few items this way, but you could still be left with 95% of the things that need clearing. Likewise, if you manage to transfer the furniture to the charity shop yourself, it may be rejected for the same reasons.

The good thing about using Clear and Clean House Clearance for furniture removal or clearance of any kind, is that we have good relationships with charities. We always donate good quality items to charities that we know will sell right away. And if there are bits left over that we can’t donate? Don’t worry, we’ll find another, environmentally friendly way of getting rid of them.

2. Upcycling

You may think that no one would want your old, wooden, marked dresser; but you could be very wrong. We work with closely with charitable up-cyclers who are always on the scout for old furniture in need of a bit of TLC. Your dresser may not be fit for re-sale at a charity shop, but our friends at the up-cyclers are usually extremely grateful for furniture that need a lick of paint.

It’s also a nice thought to know that your furniture is living on after being given a new lease of life.

You’d need to conduct some research for up-cyclers that are taking on furniture, potentially hire a van and borrow some friends to help you transfer the furniture to its new temporary home.

If you choose to use Clear and Clean House Clearance, we come and collect the items that need removing, segment it all and choose which items can be donated to our up-cycling friends. You don’t need to do a thing.

3. Recycling

If your furniture can’t be donated or upcycled, then you can either recycle it or dispose of it. There are rules you need to abide by when it comes to disposing of furniture which get trickier depending on which materials are involved. You’ll also potentially have to hire a van and get the furniture to wherever you decide you’re taking it and book yourself into a tip the day before (if you plan on using one).

Clear and Clean House Clearance will either recycle your furniture or dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way that we can (avoiding landfill as a matter of priority). We have fantastic relationships with recyclers and aim to recycle as much as we can. We can also remove other items for you, not just furniture.

If you’re conducting a house clearance or just have some furniture that needs removing, give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a chat with a free, no obligation quote.

By David, May 2 2019 01:00PM

Maybe you’re decluttering; maybe you’re moving abroad and need to get rid of everything you don’t class as ‘essential’; or maybe a loved one has passed away and their property has a lot of rubbish which needs clearing. Regardless of any of the above circumstances, it can seem the best idea to choose the ‘easy’ option of hiring a skip when it comes to rubbish removal. You’ll rope a few mates in to help and then get someone to take the skip away again. Easy as that.

We’re here to tell you why hiring isn’t the ‘easy’ option at all and what you can do instead.

1. Exclusion criteria

It seems easy enough to hire a skip and just throw everything you don’t need into it. However, there are certain (and surprisingly a lot of) items which you can’t put into skips. These items include mattresses, televisions, fridges, paint, tyres and plasterboard. You’ll more than likely encounter additional costs (in both money and time) when it comes to needing to get rid of items like these.

2. Licence cost

The cost of a 6 yard club is roughly around £250+ (plus VAT) and the cost of an 8 yard skip is roughly around £280+ (plus VAT). If you haven’t got a driveway, you’ll need to purchase a road licence in addition to the skip hire fees from your local council.

3. The environment

When you hire a skip, no one comes along and segments the items after they take it away. The entire contents of that skip will go straight into landfill and contribute to emission of greenhouse gases that companies like ourselves are trying our hardest to prevent.

Over time, the material in the landfill decomposes and produces methane which is a huge contributing factor to climate change. We see it as this generation’s duty to limit the contribution to landfill as much as we can to sustain our planet.

Items which you class as ‘rubbish’, may actually be recyclable or even donatable. So, a lot of the time, there’s no need for a lot of the landfill to be there, apart from laziness.

4. Manual work

Calling upon your friends for help will usually result in you throwing them a bit of cash, or even a curry and a few beers to say thanks. Not only is this an additional cost, but how bad would you feel if one of them was injured due to them not being trained in manual handling?

What can you do instead of hiring a skip?

Using a House Clearance/Waste/Rubbish Removal company rather than hiring a skip is a fantastic idea, and here’s why:

1. No exclusion criteria

We take your waste/rubbish and dispose of it via the correct methods. This is included in the cost that we quote you.

2. Green ethos

Our entire ethos is based around the environment. We use our Luton van to collect the rubbish/waste where we then segment it into recyclables. We then burn what’s left over rather than landfill it. This means we’re preventing that rubbish from being buried and creating methane later down the line.

3. A capable team

All of our staff are trained to the highest standard. Meaning they’re used to heavy lifting and manual handling. We’re also licensed and insured, so both parties are covered.

If you’re ready to be environmentally-savvy and get a quote for your rubbish/waste removal, give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a free, no obligation quote.

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