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By David, Feb 19 2020 11:30AM

If you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know we suggested some really easy environmentally friendly household swaps.

We’ve spent years focusing our ethos around the planet and really perfecting our practice for the sake of our environment, so we could chat for hours around this topic.

As a result, here is the second part of last week’s blog post to help you reduce as much waste as possible.

1. Swap plastic straws for reusable ones

Plastic straws are really dangerous to the environment. As well as ending up in situations where they can cause animals harm, when straws are broken down, they release chemicals that harm the environment too.

Choosing not to use straws or investing in a pack of reusable ones can be a great way to help the planet.

2. Swap nappies for reusable ones

This is one for the families out there. With 3 billion nappies being throw into waste every year, they easily make up 2-3% of all yearly household waste. Majority of nappies are non-recyclable and have to be thrown away with general rubbish. This means that they end up having a negative impact on the environment via landfill/being burnt.

Reusable cloth nappies are popular alternatives to normal, non-bio-degradable nappies. You may initially be unsure about this swap, but we think you’d be surprised at the number of households/nurseries around the UK who use this alternative. As well as the environmental positives, cloth nappies also have other benefits such as comfort, reliability… and cost!

3. Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea

You may not know this, but many tea companies actually use a small element of plastic in the production of their tea bags. This means that when you’re disposing of your tea bags, you should do your best to avoid putting them in the general waste bin. This is because they’ll end up in landfill, contributing to the production of greenhouse gases and environmental pollution.

A really good alternative to tea bags is loose leaf tea with a tea strainer. You can pick these up in most supermarkets and they’re a really cheap investment.

4. Swap landfill for the charity shop

Conducting our services throughout Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, whether we’re helping with a house clearance in Worcester or Cirencester, we always find the same – people are shocked at how much we salvage.

We know that when you’re having a clear out, one big trip to the tip can seem like the easiest option. The fact is, if you’re decluttering, we’d put money on the fact that a lot of what you’re getting rid of is still fit for use. Just think of the money you’re literally throwing away if you take everything to landfill (plus the environmental damage it’ll cause in the long run). Taking that extra journey to the charity shop can do a lot for the environment (and for your conscience).

It can be hard to declutter, move home or clear a house if you’re struggling for time. We’ve literally developed our service around people like you, so we can give you as much support as you need, when you need it. From sensitively assisting hoarders with decluttering, to taking charge of the whole house clearance, we can help in any way that you need us to. For a chat and a free quote, get in touch with our Director, David today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Feb 11 2020 04:54PM

Over the last few years, there has been an increased focus our planet's climate. A large proportion of our generation are doing everything they can to help sustain our current climate. It’s fair to say that global warming is a hot topic for most businesses these days.

As a house clearance company, we focus our ethos completely around the environment. Regardless of whether we’re working on a house clearance in Cirencester, Cheltenham or Worcester, our processes are always the same. We do everything we can to avoid landfill and use environmentally alternatives to a lot of products that are harmful to our environment.

We wanted to tell you about some of those products so you can you have the knowledge to make some environmentally friendly swaps if you want to.

1) Swap plastic bags for a bag for life

This probably seems like the most obvious point to start with, but you won’t believe the amount of people still throwing plastic bags away. After your rubbish bins are taken away, those bags are then taken to landfill where they either end up being eaten by wildlife or sitting and emitting greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. Did you know that plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade?

Next time you buy bags, make a note to put them back in your car and remember to take them with you. Either that or invest in a shopping bag that you love to encourage you to remember it.

2) Swap plastic water bottles for reusable ones

One of the ways we can help the planet is by reducing plastic consumption. One way you can do this is by purchasing a reusable bottle (and coffee flask!) and not buying plastic bottles anymore.

3) Swap cotton makeup pads for reusable ones

Items like cotton makeup pads may do the job of removing you/your partner’s makeup, but after they leave your home, they end up sat in landfill contributing to climate change. Cotton has a really big impact on our planet and negatively impacts all of its surrounding environment by spreading harmful pesticides.

A brilliant alternative to throw-away cotton pads are reusable pads which can be washed, just like other items of clothing. Some of these packs even come with bags that you can wash them in to keep them together.

4) Swap plastic laundry detergent bottles for reusable jars

Yes, you heard us right! There are now several companies in the UK where you can take your own jars to refill your washing detergents. Just think of all the plastic you’re not buying!

5) Swap plastic packaging food for reusable jars

Yes, you read that right too! Waitrose was recently one of the first UK supermarkets to test this by launching their ‘Waitrose Unpacked’ section. To save on all the plastic packaging you usually gather when doing your food shop, you can now take your own jars/bottles and stock up on pasta, rice, cereal, frozen fruits and even alcohol! Other supermarkets are expected to follow suit in the next few years.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’re so passionate about the environment that we could carry on writing this list for a while. We’re going to continue these points over the next few weeks, so keep a look out for more useful tips.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a house clearance/removals team that are as friendly to the environment as they are their clients, you’re in the right place. For a chat and a free, no obligation quote, give David a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Feb 4 2020 09:25AM

As we were compiling lists of all of the myths we’ve heard over the years, we realised there were far too many for just one blog post. So, here is the second part to “6 of the most outrageous house clearance myths”. Just call us the House Clearance Myth Busters!

1. “They won’t remove large items”

What would be the point in hiring a house clearance team if they refused to remove common household items? We have a strong team which will be tailored to your individual clearance. Meaning that if you have some heavy items of furniture that need removing, it won’t be a problem.

2. “They won’t give you a fixed quote”

This may be true for some house clearance companies, but it’s not true for ours. Once you’ve received your official quote, it isn’t subject to change. We have standard rates which we give you depending completely on the size of your property and the time it’ll take us to clear it. For example, a 2-bedroom house clearance in Worcester may take a few days to complete, or it may take 1; it completely depends on your situation. But you won’t need to worry about ‘add-ons’ ramping the bill up.

3. “Finders, keepers”

Many people think that house clearance teams can just keep what they find. Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we have strict policies which include always returning items thought to be of value back to the owner (even if we’ve been told to clear everything) and removing everything else as per our company policies.

We’re a trusted, family-run business who want to make a difference to people’s lives.

4. “They’ll only clear items inside the property”

Untrue. House clearance companies undertake all kinds of projects! Our services range from full/partial house clearances, to garden/garage clearances, to nursing home clearances and so on.

There’s not much we haven’t done, and we love a challenge!

5. “You have to live locally”

For lots of different reasons, many people in the UK either move abroad, or far away from family. It’s estimated that 5.5 million brits actually live abroad! Having to organise a house clearance in a different city (or even country) can be difficult. Lots of people assume that you have to live near a house clearance company if you want to work with them.

This isn’t true. We regularly undertake clearances for families who don’t live locally. For example, we recently completed a house clearance in Cirencester and the whole family lived abroad. We can liaise with neighbours, family members or even estate agents/solicitors to return keys if necessary. We’ll even send you pictures of the finished property when we’re done.

6. “It’s an impersonal service”

While it may be true that many house clearance companies’ services may be impersonal, that can’t be said for ours. At Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’ve spent years establishing a reputation for being the most caring, compassionate and considerate house clearance company around.

We tailor every house clearance to the family/person involved and have considerable experience with sensitive clearances such as hoarders and bereaved families.

Whatever your situation, we can help. Simply give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat and give you a free quote.

By David, Feb 4 2020 09:19AM

Sometimes we’ll undertake a house clearance and the clients will share their pre-conceptions about our services which makes us laugh. So many of our clients avoid using house clearance companies for years because they’ve heard myths about how expensive these services could be, or about how they operate.

We thought we’d put together some of the myths that made us laugh the most, to do-away with any misconceptions.

1. “They’ll charge you for every item that they clear”

This has to be the one that made us laugh the most. There is no way we could ever charge clients for every single item that we remove. Partially because we’d be there days counting each item, but mainly because that’s just not how we operate.

We provide quotes based completely on your property and general size of the job. For example, you’d call us and say, “I have a mid-terrace, 3-bedroomed house in Cirencester that needs a house clearance. It’s quite cluttered as my Mum’s a hoarder.”, then we’d say, “Okay great, we charge £x for this kind of clearance!”.

2. “Clients have to hire their own skip, van and cleaner”

Once again… not true! One of the many reasons our clients continue to use/recommend us is because of our packages. You won’t need a skip, van or cleaner, because we’re all 3 in 1.

We’ll clear your property, remove any unwanted items and then return to clean it. And it’s all included in the cost.

3. “They’ll only work with the items you don’t want “

A lot of people think that because it’s a house clearance, we won’t cater for the belongings you need to keep. Well that’s just untrue.

We normally ask clients to remove the items they want keep or place them in a corner with a sheet over them. We’ll then deliver them for just a fuel cost.

We also do full removal packages which includes packing items into boxes; removing everything and transferring it to the new property; removing things you don’t want to keep and also returning to clean the old property.

4. “They sell the items you don’t want for profit”

Again, totally incorrect! We can’t speak for other house clearance companies, but we are totally committed to helping those less fortunate than us. This means that if there are items that you don’t want, which are too good to go to waste, we’ll donate them to charities/up-cyclers that we work with. We also salvage any cleaning products that you don’t want so we aren’t continuously buying plastic!

5. “They take all your rubbish to landfill”

Our entire ethos is built around our environment and we avoid taking items to landfill at all costs! Many people choose to use a house clearance company because they haven’t got the time to get rid of their belongings in a way which is friendly to the planet, which is exactly what we are.

Whether we’re doing a house clearance in Worcester or other areas of Gloucestershire, we always recycle, upcycle and donate items in order to completely avoid landfill.

6. “You can’t book a house clearance company at short notice”

Lots of families think they can manage the huge task of a house clearance, get part-way through and realise what an epic task they’ve got ahead of them. When this happens, it’s usually quite near to their completion deadline. Therefore, a lot of people just assume they’ve left it too late to find a house clearance company now.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we often complete jobs before we anticipated. This will free us up for some additional work if we have the time. We regularly take on last-minute house clearances for families who need our help.

Now that we’ve cleared up some of these untrue (and partially hilarious) myths, we’re hoping it’s enlightened you to the real world of house clearances! If you’ve had your eyes opened and would like a free, no obligation quote, give David a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Jan 22 2020 10:23AM

Letting someone into your home to clear/help move your belongings is a big deal. Just like picking the perfect painter/decorator or even babysitter, a lot of research tends to go into finding the right house clearance/removals company. This is because you need to find someone who you can trust in your property.

Whether you’re moving home or clearing a loved one’s property after they’ve passed away, when a team of people will be working closely with you and your family’s possessions, you have the right to be selective.

But when it comes to actually finding a company you feel you can relate with, are there hard and fast rules to follow? What questions should you ask? How do you know you can trust them?

We’ve put together a guide to help you find the house clearance company who is the perfect fit for you.

Check out their company’s values

If you’re keen to find a house clearance company that you can trust to enter yours, or a loved one’s home, you’ll want them to have strong values. Finding a family-run company can be a great way to focus your search. This is because family-run businesses tend to hold their values close to their hearts and take great pride in what they do.

You’ll probably want to look for a company that has values such as trust, integrity, accountability, passion and so on. This will give you extra confidence when coming to work with them.

See if they have an ethos

Most companies will have an ethos that they work by which underpins every single thing they do. For example, our ethos is ‘green’. It’s being as kind to the environment as we can and always going above and beyond to prevent harm to it. Using a company who works hard for something they believe in is positive and will hopefully speak for itself.

Ensure their fees are transparent

The last thing you want is to commit to an open-ended house clearance where you’re billed at the end for your usage. Make sure you work with a company who can be open, honest and provide you with a free (no obligation) quote. If they’re not the right fit for you, they shouldn’t want to force it. Also, try and make sure that the quote they give you us unlikely to change.

Shop around

Don’t forget to shop around! The first company you speak with may seem like an ‘okay’ fit, but by the time you’ve spoken with other companies, you may realise they are far too expensive. Likewise, if one company is super cheap in comparison with the rest, there’s probably a reason.

When you find the right house clearance company for you, you’ll know.

Check out their services

Did you know that different house clearance companies offer different services? For example, Clear & Clean House Clearance offer all the regular clearance/removal services, but with cleaning and environmentally friendly clearing included! That means no forking out for a cleaner/skip and you’re doing a great thing for the environment.

So, whilst you may find a clearance company who is slightly cheaper, by the time you hire the cleaner, removals van, skip and relevant licenses; chances are, things will be a lot more expensive.

Familiarise yourself with the company’s processes

What is the company’s process for conducting each house clearance? You’re entitled to a breakdown of the work they’ll be undertaking in your property.

For example, here at Clear & Clean House Clearance:

• We provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and then book you into our diary.

• We ask you to either remove all belongings you’d like to keep or put them in a corner with a sheet over them. We’ll then deliver them to you at a later date.

• We then spend an allocated amount of time sorting through everything else remaining. We’ll segment each item in the property.

• We’ll then remove the no longer needed possessions.

• We work really hard to avoid landfill, so we use other alternatives like recycling, upcycling, donation and so on.

• If it’s a removal, we’ll also move all of your belongings, furniture etc. to your new place.

• We’ll then return to the previous property and commence cleaning. We leave the property ready for vacant possession, so you can be assured it’s a professional clean.

• We can then return the keys back to wherever you need them to be. For example, the estate agent/solicitor.

Once you know more about how the company works, it can feel more natural to allow them into your home.

Assess their professionalism

There are various factors that can point out professionalism. How do they conduct themselves in terms of speech/body language? Do they wear a uniform? How friendly are the staff? How willing are they to answer any queries you have?

Again, this is one of those situations where you’ll get an instant ‘feel’ for the company you want to work with.

Check they’re licensed and insured

We’ve mentioned it time and time again, always make sure the company you’re using are both licensed and insured. A license will ensure your belongings aren’t fly-tipped and you aren’t faced with a huge fine (of up to £50,000) or even prison! Insurance will ensure that both parties are covered in the event of accident or damage.

Are they trusted in their area?

This is one of the most important points mentioned. If your potential house clearance company doesn’t have proven experience of completed projects and relieved customers, should you trust them?

Finding real customer reviews can be a fantastic way to narrow down the shortlist. Finding reviews on websites/Google accounts can be a good way to make sure that real, legitimate people have left the reviews you may be basing your decision on.

For example, if you head to our Google profile, you’ll see lots of reviews from our previous customers who we were lucky to have been able to help.

We hope this has given you some insight/structure into narrowing down your house clearance company search. Whilst you’re here, if you’d like a chat and a free, no obligation quote, give David a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

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