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By David, Dec 5 2019 03:34PM

One of the most common things we hear in the house clearance industry is “If we’d not had your help, we’d have just taken everything to the tip”. As much as this is quite worrying because of the ongoing contribution to landfill around the world, we understand. Clearing a property or moving to a new house is hard. Many people often work towards deadlines for their home move, so we know that it’s hard to find the time to remove everything in a completely ‘green’ way. This is why we’re here to help.

Moving on from the topic of house clearance to day to day life, we don’t think that there are many good excuses not to recycle anymore. The government have made it really easy by providing us with the bins, the guidance and alternating bin days to encourage recycling (in Gloucestershire, at least). We always find ourselves asking ‘what more can be done to encourage recycling?’ and we think part of the answer lies in educating the next generation of adults!

Here are a few ways you can encourage children to become more interested in recycling.

1. Start them young

They say that children’s brains are like sponges; they take in as much as they can. If children are brought up to recycle from a young age, this will just become completely normal to them and won’t be something they need to adapt to.

2. Explain why recycling is important

Like with most situations when it comes to children, they tend to do better at something when they know the reason for doing it. Without going into too much doom & gloom, we think it’s a good idea to explain how recycling helps the planet and the rationale behind the actions you're taking.

3. Make it fun

We don’t think there’s a better time to teach children than when they’re having fun. Perhaps you could create some sort of nightly game where they’re recycling without realising. Who can get the cardboard in the recycling bin from the furthest away?! That sort of thing. Obviously take caution depending on the environment/type of material and tailor the game to the age of the child.

4. Have indoor recycling bins

Taking the recycling to the outdoor bins can be a chore in itself; especially if children are busy or in their pyjamas. Having dedicated indoor recycling bins will encourage everyone to recycle more and remove some negative connotations that come with recycling, like having to leave the house.

5. Give them some responsibility

In our experience, children thrive when they’re given something to look after. If they’re given a job that only they are responsible for, they should hopefully feel like they want to take ownership of it and do their best. This could be something along the lines of being in charge of plastic recycling only. Hopefully this focus will give them some positive responsibility.

We hope that these tips help you help your children help the environment. They may even help your whole family become even more environmentally friendly!

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’re incredibly passionate about helping the environment. Being ‘green’ is our ethos and if we can ever help in terms of an eco-friendly house clearance in Gloucestershire, you know where to find us.

By David, Nov 28 2019 04:24PM

When you’re responsible for clearing a property or conducting a house removal, you may want to head straight for the company that allows you to save the most money. These are usually the unlicensed companies or 'man with a van' types - and they're probably unusually cheap for a reason. Cost is normally a huge factor in a house clearance because the reason people are clearing their properties is usually expensive itself. For example, when you’re selling a house, you have to think about solicitors’ fees and so on.

As time has gone on, people are starting to see just why using a professional house clearance team is an absolute necessity when clearing their property. You wouldn’t pay someone who’s good at giving advice, but has no legal experience, to help with your house sale instead of a solicitor, would you?

One of the many reasons (and trust us, there really are ‘many’) that you should choose a professional house clearance company is because they should have a strong focus on the environment. If you just hire a man with a van to do the transporting/removal of waste, chances are, your items will end up in landfill or dumped on the side of a road. Then you’re either contributing towards global warming, or you’ll potentially face a large fine for ‘fly tipping’ (if documentation is found which leads back to you).

Why is being environmentally friendly so important for house clearance companies?

Most brands around the world are now realising that their processes are having a huge effect on the planet. Organisations’ carbon footprints are extremely large and most companies around the world are making a conscious effort to reduce the impact they have on the planet.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, being ‘green’ is our at ethos. We’ve spoken on our blog many times about how bad landfill is for the planet. As landfill decomposes, toxins and greenhouse gases like methane are plummeted into the air. This is so harmful to the environment and is the exact reason we need to stop taking items to landfill.

As a house clearance/removals company’s main task is clearing unwanted belongings, many organisations are at risk of taking items straight to landfill to save time. Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’re quite the opposite. We do everything within our power to avoid taking any items to landfill. We built our company around this ethos and it’s something we’re extremely passionate about.

What can companies do instead of taking items to landfill?

We have a specific process that we follow religiously to make sure we’re being kind to our planet.

We always request that the property owner doesn’t pre-bag/box any items that need removing. This is so we can go into the property and segment everything from scratch. We will select the belongings that we feel still have some life left in them and either donate them to charities, third world countries or take them to our friends who do charitable upcycling – to give them a new lease of life.

After this, we segment the leftover items by material so they can be recycled. We have great partnerships with recycling companies all over Gloucestershire who we regularly visit with materials.

Many people faced with clearing a property will pay for a removals van, skip and a cleaner too. The beauty of using Clear & Clean House Clearance is that we are all 3 of these in 1 company. After clearing

everything, we come back to clean the property too. Also, we always use cleaning products that we salvage – so we’re not buying unnecessary plastic.

Our environment is such a hot topic in the news at the moment and for good reason; how we treat the planet in the next few years will be crucial to its future.

If you’re looking for a company to clear your property, please ensure they are environmentally friendly and avoid taking items to landfill as much as they possibly can. If you like the sound of what we, at Clear & Clean House Clearance do, give us a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 for a chat and a free, no obligation quote.

By David, Nov 21 2019 04:06PM

Realistically, how many times in your life do you do a big house move? 3/4 times at the most? On a list of ‘tasks we undertake the least throughout our lifetime’, moving to a new house would certainly be somewhere near the bottom. In comparison to tasks such as cleaning, gardening, cutting the grass etc., you could say that most people are fairly inexperienced with moving home; because it’s not something they do regularly.

That being said, even if you’ve had more than the average amount of house move experience (by helping out friends & family over the years), you may realise that you need a calmer & easier process this time. And that’s exactly what Clear & Clean House Clearance are here for.

Many people don’t even realise that companies like us exist, so end up struggling through, trying to get everything done themselves. When it comes to a house removal; we’re the whole package. We pack everything, clear it, remove unwanted items, transfer belongings & even return to clean the property. And we don’t charge a thing until after the move.

So, with the task of a house removal being quite personal, how do you choose the right house clearance company that’s best for you?

1. Think of your values

What do you value in a trusted company? Letting a new company into your home is a big thing for anyone. You need to make sure you do your research and find out about the company’s ethos. Do they have a personal approach? What are their team like? Are they compassionate? Will they treat your belongings with respect? These are all things you need to analyse when researching different companies.

2. Look for reviews

The thought of letting someone into your home to pack and transfer your belongings can initially be a little stressful. To put your mind at ease, you should choose a company you feel you can trust and that has reviews from real people. You can check their website, Facebook & also Google profiles for reviews.

3. Are they licensed & insured?

Every professionally house removal company must be licensed and insured. This is to ensure they remove waste appropriately; you aren’t faced with any unexpected fines and both parties are covered in the event of an accident. This is one of the first questions you should ask a house clearance company and if they can’t answer it, you should avoid using them.

4. Do they have experience in your type of removal/clearance?

Some removals/clearances are more niche than others. If you’re dealing with clearing a property after the death of a loved one; or you’re a hoarder who needs help decluttering, this requires a special, more caring approach. And not every removals company in Gloucestershire will have this.

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we are a fully licensed and insured house clearance/removals service based in Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves on providing the most personal, unique and caring removals/clearances throughout the county and nothing is ever too much for us.

As well as classic clearances/removals, we also specialise in carrying out clearances for families who have lost loved ones and helping hoarders declutter. We have years of experience in these fields and are continuously referred by professionals such as estate agents & solicitors.

We have regular reviews from our fantastic customers which we hope will reassure you that we are a trusted, well-known company who just want to help others.

If you’d like to enquire about our services, we’d be more than happy to have a chat. Give David/Joanna a call today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Nov 12 2019 03:56PM

If you’re an estate agent or solicitor, dealing with probate estates can be difficult. It’s an emotional time for everyone involved and you may feel like you wish there was more you could do.

One of the most dreaded tasks involved in a house sale after a loved one passes away, is clearing the property. The properties can sometimes be family homes, filled with belongings and precious, cherished memories.

This is where the estate agents/referrals usually lend a hand and refer their clients to us. We’re a house clearance/removals service based in Gloucestershire and we specialise in deceased estates.

Using our service allows your clients to hand the responsibility of the clearance over to us.; or at least allows us to give your clients a helping hand when clearing their loved one’s belongings. We allow families the chance to take a step back whilst we respectfully sort the property ready to back on the market. This ensures the property completes on time and also allows the families to grieve, rather than focus on clearing and cleaning.

We sort through the property, remove everything that’s no longer needed and donate/recycle/upcycle them. Our ethos is all around the environment and we do everything we can to avoid landfill.

Here are some reasons why estate agents and solicitors through Gloucestershire continue to refer their clients to us and why we’re the best at what we do.

1. Specialist approach

We have a really strong reputation through Gloucestershire for providing the most caring, personal and unique approach to house clearances in the local area. Our service is 100% person-centred and our approach is yet to be beaten.

Our kind, thoughtful and caring team are amazing at what they do and aim to make things as easy as possible for clients who are grieving.

2. Experience

We’ve spent years working with grieving families. Over this time, we’ve gained the experience needed to call ourselves specialists in our field.

If clients are unsure about letting a team of people into their loved one’s home at such a difficult time, they should take a look at our online reviews. These are comments written by real people who have taken time out their day to do so. People come to us because they have faith that we have the experience needed to be able to make things easier for them; and indeed, we do.

3. A tribute

With many house clearance companies, especially the larger ones, the experience is quite impersonal. They’re usually working to tight deadlines and are focused on getting the task at hand completed.

At Clear & Clean House Clearance, we put a huge focus on your client’s loved one for the whole clearance. After an initial consultation with Director, David, the team is always fully briefed. Each team member is trained to treat each client with the utmost compassion and kindness. Belongings are always treated with dignity and respect, whether they’re being kept by the family members or cleared.

We can even tailor parts of the clearance around what your client’s loved one would have wanted. For example, donating items to their favourite charity. We also work with up-cyclers, to give old furniture a new lease of life. There is always a little bit of comfort in knowing that rather being taken to the tip, loved one’s belongings are bringing joy to someone else.

4. A weight off their shoulders

During the difficult time of losing someone you love, the thought of having to clear and clean their whole property shouldn’t be the main thing on your mind. This is why we’ve tailored our service specifically to help families and make a difference to their lives during an upsetting time.

“I would highly recommend David Rudd and his team who with respect, sympathy and dignity, cleared my Mother's house when I had to put it up for sale. David and his team had a difficult job to do, due to the access to the property and its location. David kept in contact throughout the 10 days it took him to clear the property and advised of progress. The property was left neat and tidy at the end of the job. I would never have completed the task without him. Excellent service, before, during and afterwards.”

- Lisa White

If you’re an estate agent/solicitor who’s looking for a house clearance company to refer their Gloucestershire-based clients to, then get in touch. We have a compassionate, conscientious and completely reliable team who are known through the county for being the best at what they do. If you’d like to confidently refer your clients to a company who cares, call David today on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Nov 8 2019 09:36AM

Here at Clear & Clean House Clearance, we’ve spent years perfecting our service to make sure that our customers really get the most out of their house clearance.

We’re a family-run business who have been around for a long time. We come professionally recommended by both Estate Agents & Solicitors & we strongly believe that this is down to our unique approach and passion for our ethos.

We’re not just a regular house clearance service. We truly focus on ‘you’, the customer; and making sure you get everything you need from working with us.

Here are 4 approaches that keeps us as the number 1 recommended house clearance company through Gloucestershire:

• A personal approach

We don’t just turn up, clear your belongings and move on, like make any clearance companies do. We make a special effort to get to know you and your family, finding out what we can do to personalise your clearance.

If you have any questions, you can call us at any time, on any day of the week and there’ll always be a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. We are known for going the extra mile to ensure our clients feel looked after.

• Specialists in bereavement

This doesn’t sound like a nice thing to become a specialist in, but by building up many years’ experience dealing with families who have lost loved ones, we’ve developed a kind and sympathetic approach which hasn’t been matched anywhere through Gloucestershire.

If you’ve lost a friend or family member and are responsible for clearing and selling their home, we can work with you to help make that clearance a tribute to them. We always conduct every clearance with dignity and treat all belongings with respect. We learn about your loved one and help you tailor the clearance around them. For example, donating items to a charity close to their hearts.

If you’ve been faced with losing a loved one and the task of clearing their property for sale, please don’t feel stressed. Give us a call and we will help you every step of the way.

• Specialists in hoarding

Our many years in the industry have meant that we have vast experience helping hoarders either declutter or completely clear their homes. We understand that hoarding is a mental health illness and our whole team are trained help hoarders in the most sensitive manner possible.

We can either work with you to support you through gradually decluttering your home; or we can conduct the whole clearance on your behalf. You just let us know what your needs are, and we’ll fit in alongside you.

• A caring approach

The reason we are so thoroughly recommended by previous clients, estate agents and solicitors alike, is because of our friendly approach. Our family-run business was created because we have a genuine passion for helping people and we want to make a big difference to people’s lives.

Our whole team are friendly, caring & will always try their best to help in any way they can. By the time we leave, we’re usually considered as part of the family.

If you currently need to clear a property, garden, business etc. and are in need of a friendly, experienced voice to see if they can help, get in touch. Give our Director, David a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086 & he’ll be more than happy to help

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