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Using a professional house clearance company VS hiring a van

By David, Jan 3 2019 08:00AM

Clearing a property can be extremely stressful. Between the pressure of working to deadlines, the cost and choosing what to do with the items being removed, it’s no wonder people avoid moving homes for so long.

When speaking to clients, some tell us that they weren’t aware companies like us actually existed. But are always so grateful that they found us. Alternatively, some people choose to just hire a van, rope in a few friends to help and do it all themselves. But they don’t realise that there are other costs/implications aside from just the van hire.

We thought we’d bring you an interesting article all about professional house clearance company VS hiring a van.

Disposal of Rubbish

House Clearance Local

We have professional relationships that we’ve built over time with scrapyards, charities, furniture upcyclers, paper recyclers etc. Your waste will be distributed between them, before disposing of anything unneeded. Waste is always separated by material and disposed of appropriately and economically.



When using a van, you have to remember to book into the tip 1 day before and you’re only allowed 1 trip per day. All of the waste needs to be segmented as wood, waste and paper. Your waste will go into landfill, which is continuing to destroy the planet.

Team Size

House Clearance Local

We always have a team size of 2 (sometimes 3). And can provide 2 teams if needed. This is to ensure all manual work is carried out safely, but also ensures that the project is completed to the best of its ability. The team are reliable, long-term employees who all hold the values and ethos of House Clearance Local.



Most people manage to persuade a few mates or family members to help and treat them to a curry/few beverages. There’ll be a lot of manual work from people who aren’t necessarily used to regular manual handling. This may result in injury.


House Clearance Local

The quote we give clients is inclusive of absolutely everything involved. Depending on your needs, it will include house clearance, donation to charities, economical disposal of waste, cleaning and more. Everything will be completed by our team, so you won’t need to do anything.



Most people associate van hire with one cost; the actual the van. What they don’t consider is time, fuel cost, the fact they can only take one trip to the tip per day, their day rate for time, ‘thank you’ gestures to friends and more. Although the van may seem like the cheaper option, for your time, the additional costs and inconvenience, is it really worth it?

We’re used to working sensitively. We work on probate and deceased estates, nursing home clearances, for hoarders and more. So if you’re worried about something personal, please get in touch for a chat and we can take things from there.

If you would like a chat and a free, no obligation quote from a team that are totally dedicated to what they do, then please get in touch on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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