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How to pick a good local House Clearance Company in Gloucester or Cheltenham

By unknown, Aug 26 2015 02:00PM

Should you be in need of a House Clearance then you might be overwhelmed by choice, there are literary hundreds operating in almost every local town across the entire UK. Hopefully by reading this article you will be in a better position to make a decision that you won’t regret.

The most important thing you should know when selecting any house clearance company is that you are responsible for all rubbish and waste from the property, what this means even through you may be paying someone to dispose of your rubbish on your behalf but you are still responsible until the point it is legally and responsibly disposed of.

There are a few reasons why people or businesses will fly tip but generally it is because they are trying to avoid the costs of disposing of the items. You might not be aware that for people generally dumps are free, while businesses need to pay money – even if the items are coming from some one’s home.

The pricing of getting rid of your waste is fairly expensive and the dump will charge per the ton, a general house clearance could cost anywhere from £100 to £1000 or even more if most of the property is being stripped.

The government and local councils have made it easier than ever to report fly-tipping, if the items can be tracked back to you then you could face a fixed fine, the fine amount varies from county to county but just as an example Gloucesterhsire council treat fly-tipping very serious and charge up to £20,000 or you can even face a prison sentence, of course it’s unlikely that you will go to jail if someone has fly-tipped without your knowledge but a fine is extremely likely.

In the event your items are fly tipped then the local council will care little who you used to dump your items on your behalf, as far as they are concerned it’s been tracked down to your property and it’s your responsibility to ensure whom you use correctly dispose of your waste.

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