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By David, Jan 3 2019 08:00AM

Clearing a property can be extremely stressful. Between the pressure of working to deadlines, the cost and choosing what to do with the items being removed, it’s no wonder people avoid moving homes for so long.

When speaking to clients, some tell us that they weren’t aware companies like us actually existed. But are always so grateful that they found us. Alternatively, some people choose to just hire a van, rope in a few friends to help and do it all themselves. But they don’t realise that there are other costs/implications aside from just the van hire.

We thought we’d bring you an interesting article all about professional house clearance company VS hiring a van.

Disposal of Rubbish

House Clearance Local

We have professional relationships that we’ve built over time with scrapyards, charities, furniture upcyclers, paper recyclers etc. Your waste will be distributed between them, before disposing of anything unneeded. Waste is always separated by material and disposed of appropriately and economically.



When using a van, you have to remember to book into the tip 1 day before and you’re only allowed 1 trip per day. All of the waste needs to be segmented as wood, waste and paper. Your waste will go into landfill, which is continuing to destroy the planet.

Team Size

House Clearance Local

We always have a team size of 2 (sometimes 3). And can provide 2 teams if needed. This is to ensure all manual work is carried out safely, but also ensures that the project is completed to the best of its ability. The team are reliable, long-term employees who all hold the values and ethos of House Clearance Local.



Most people manage to persuade a few mates or family members to help and treat them to a curry/few beverages. There’ll be a lot of manual work from people who aren’t necessarily used to regular manual handling. This may result in injury.


House Clearance Local

The quote we give clients is inclusive of absolutely everything involved. Depending on your needs, it will include house clearance, donation to charities, economical disposal of waste, cleaning and more. Everything will be completed by our team, so you won’t need to do anything.



Most people associate van hire with one cost; the actual the van. What they don’t consider is time, fuel cost, the fact they can only take one trip to the tip per day, their day rate for time, ‘thank you’ gestures to friends and more. Although the van may seem like the cheaper option, for your time, the additional costs and inconvenience, is it really worth it?

We’re used to working sensitively. We work on probate and deceased estates, nursing home clearances, for hoarders and more. So if you’re worried about something personal, please get in touch for a chat and we can take things from there.

If you would like a chat and a free, no obligation quote from a team that are totally dedicated to what they do, then please get in touch on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

By David, Dec 27 2018 08:00AM

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘doing something by the book’. It means doing something properly, the way it should be done. No short cuts. When investing in a product or service, another commonly used phrase is ‘you get what you pay for’. This is typically true in our business.

We work on various types of projects, from general house clearance, to nursing home clearance to probate and deceased estates. We have a large knowledge base for every specialty of house clearance that we cater for. This has been picked up from years in the business and genuinely caring about our clients and their needs.

Sometimes people tell us they’ve found someone cheaper to see if we can match their price. Every single time we’ve had this happen, it’s been down to one thing. The ‘competitor’ they’ve found with the cheaper fee is completely unlicensed.

This immediately returns a question of ‘what does that mean?’. So we’re here to tell you what it means exactly and why you should stay clear of unlicensed house removal companies.

1. Fly Tipping

If the company you’re using is unlicensed then what they’re doing will be classed as ‘fly-tipping’. Your belongings could be dumped on a corner or down a country lane and then it’s then the council’s duty to clear this up.

If they find any documentation that points to where the dumped items came from, you could face a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months’ imprisonment. It’s a criminal offence.

These unlicensed ‘companies’ have earnt the name ‘Facebook Fly-tippers’. This is because they have been known to advertise to remove belongings for cheap, then dumping them in the countryside. It’s actually now an offence to not check whether your removal company is licensed.

At House Clearance Local, we have excellent relationships with scrapyards, charities, furniture upcyclers, paper recyclers etc. So your goods will always be disposed of properly.

2. Public Liability Insurance

A professional, licensed house clearance company like ourselves will have public liability insurance. If the company is unlicensed, it’s unlikely they will have this.

It’s to cover us (and you) against incident, accidents or damage in the process of undertaking the house clearance.

It’s not essential to have public liability insurance as a house removal company, but every professional firm should have it.

Imagine part of your property got badly damaged by the team during the house clearance. Who would cover that cost? Exactly. If the firm is insured, then their insurance will cover it.

3. Piece of mind

If you’re thinking of going down the cheap (and illegal) route of using one a company that is unlicensed, you should be aware of the risks. You should know what to expect if there is an accident or your waste is fly-tipped. We’re sure this will make you feel uneasy and stressed during this period.

Using a professional, fully-licensed house clearance firm gives you reassurance from the start that things will go smoothly. And if, for some reason, that they don’t; both you and the company will be covered by insurance.

So many people aren’t unaware of the implications that using an unlicensed house clearance company can bring. We’re always doing what we can to warn people not to fall for the cheap prices. It goes back to the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’. If something is too cheap to be true, it probably is.

For a free, no-obligation estimate quote or some advice, please give us a call on 07909 846679 or 01452 290086.

By David, Dec 21 2018 08:37AM

A lot of the hoarders we work with don’t even realise they’re hoarding. Hoarders who require help to de-clutter their home often need a sensitive approach. There can sometimes be reason behind the hoarding which is emotional.

Many hoarders eventually reach out to us feeling embarrassed, having put off getting in touch for sometimes years. We always assure them that it’s not our job to judge and there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. We help hoarders on a weekly basis and we thought it may be useful to document the common things we see that you may reconginse from your own habits.

1. Cupboards full of old food

A hoarder’s cupboards will often be full to the brim of food. You’re thinking, ‘great, so what?’. Well these items' ‘use by’ dates often go back to the 70s…

An initial step in the right direction may be to tackle one cupboard at a time, simply disposing of the out of date items.

2. Unnecessary shopping

Are you going shopping for the sake of being seen to be shopping? Many hoarders enjoy the shopping experience and also enjoy the feeling of being seen to be out spending money. Even when they don’t need anything.

3. Losing loved ones

A habit often associated with hoarders can be isolation. Not wanting to leave your home or see loved ones. People who we speak to often describe themselves as a ‘recluse’, as they simply wanted to be alone in their own surroundings.

4. Avoiding visitors

Whether it’s refusing friends' visits or ignoring the doorbell, hoarders often find themselves avoiding visitors completely. We’ve been told that this is usually because they’re embarrassed of their surroundings. They don’t want anyone else to see the state they’re living in.

5. Find it difficult to organise

The thought alone of categorizing a hoarder’s items can be impossible to them. They can find it difficult to consider any kind of order in their home.

Hoarding can be an unproblematic part of everyday life to many. But to others, it can cause severe mental health problems. It starts to become a problem when it’s hard to clean the property (leading to hygiene problems); it’s difficult to escape in the event of an emergency; it’s causing falls; it’s affecting mental health.

The NHS has some fantastic information that we know has helped our previous clients. You can find it here. It explains hoarding in more detail, what to do if you’re a hoarder and what to do if your loved one is hoarding. It also explains about treatment.

When people reach out to us for help, we know we have to do our best to support them in the process of clearing out their home. We provide a helpful, sensitive and efficient service that is tailored to what kind of support you’ll need.

You can get a free, no obligation quote by calling us on 07909846679 or 01452290086. We’ll be happy to help you on your journey away from hoarding.

David Rudd

House Clearance Local

By David, Dec 21 2018 08:19AM

It’s an extremely difficult and emotional time when a loved one is lost. Their absence is a huge thing to deal with on its own. Things get even more complicated when they leave behind a property, plus a lifetime of belongings.

You may need to sell the property quickly to avoid extra mortgage payments, or need to vacate a rental property. On the other hand, you may not be in the right head space to deal with the situation right now. Whichever circumstance, it’s important to realise that there is no right or wrong.

Things are already distressing enough when you lose a loved one, having to clear their property can be traumatic. From our years of experience with probate and deceased estates, we thought we’d put together a few steps you can take to make the process a bit simpler.

1. Sort the ‘personals’

The first thing you might want to do is go around the property and remove anything of sentimental value. There may be items of jewelry, clothing or books that you definitely want to keep. If you’re planning on contacting us to help but you’re not local, we ask you to put those belongings in a box in the corner of a room with a sheet over. We can then deliver them to your home afterwards.

2. Involve other family members

If appropriate, you may want to extend the offer of choosing belongings to other members of the family. It’s surprising how many family members find it comforting to keep something that belonged to their loved one.

3. Involve charities

It can be so disheartening to think of your loved one’s life possessions being thrown away. The involvement of charities can give you some comfort that their belongings are living on.

Personally inviting charities to come and “cherry pick” items does seem like a good idea, and it is. However, most charities will come and only “cherry pick” around 4 items. They’re also normally very selective about the items they choose – needing to be in the best possible condition. You can sometimes end up with a few items having been donated, but the majority of the belongings still need removing from the property.

At House Clearance Local, we work very closely with various charities such as The Pied Piper Appeal. We automatically liaise with our chosen charities on every property that we work on. You can be assured that your loved one’s items are going to good causes, and the property is also getting cleared without additional stress to you.

4. Remove the rest of the belongings that aren’t needed

Once you’ve established what you’re keeping/donating, you’ll be left with the possessions that need removing. This can sometimes be the hardest part as it’s difficult to remove items that hold such fond and special memories. If you’re undertaking the process with your family alone, it can be daunting. Especially if you’ve not done it before or are unfortunately limited with time. The whole process is filled with the purchasing of dozens of boxes, many trips to the tip, the sorting of items into waste/recycling etc., money in fuel, time and it can sometimes even have a physical impact.

If you ask us to help, we can work with you to clear the belongings. Or, of course, do it all for you on your behalf. We can take care of the whole process and save the emotional distress of dealing with a property clearance whilst grieving. We can also clean the property afterwards, which has helped the property sell quicker in previous experience. We will also dispose of everything properly, rather than taking it to the tip and adding to landfill.

If you have a probate and deceased estate that needs clearing and you need some help, please get in touch. We’re experts at what we do, will give a no-obligation estimate and honest advice. Get in touch on 07909846679 or 01452290086.

By David, Oct 30 2018 10:04AM

We are in a 'throw away' society unfortunately.

Clear and Clean House Clearance have always tried to salvage what we can and re-use items where possible.

We always come across items which have seen better days on many of our house clearances in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and Stroud.

Instead of land filling them (which is what a lot of companies do) we try to make them live on…

We use a small business which up-cycles furniture and random items into different, spectacular wanted and usable items.

You will be surprised what you can re-use and update with a little bit of TLC and knowledge.

Below are just a few pointers to help you on your quest in creating wonderful usable items! Good Luck!

1 - Choose a quality piece of furniture. Solid wood is always best - there’s no point investing time and money on paint for a piece that won’t stand the test of time.

2 - Buy cheaply from charity shops or online auction sites.

3 - When you get your piece, start refurbishing it as soon as possible, don’t leave it festering in the shed or garage for months to get damp.

4 - Choose a hard wearing finish - paint with a wax finish on top that will cure (harden) so you won’t have to be too precious with it when it’s finished.

5 - Choose the right materials - chalk paints are super easy and can often be applied without any sanding of the original finish.

6 - If it doesn’t suit your scheme after a few months or years repaint it and put it somewhere else, I have a children’s chair that has been at present 5 different colours since it has been with us!

7 - Be realistic about the time involved to sand back or repaint an item, I would advise choosing a small piece for your first upcycle - a dresser for your kitchen may seem like a great idea but it will take a fair amount of time to do which you need to factor in - a mirror or table lamp can be a great start.

8 - Don’t be afraid of bright colours for an accent piece, you can transform a neutral scheme with a few pops of colour.

9 - Don’t be afraid to go natural if you can’t decide on a paint colour. Solid wood pieces have great character if sanded back and simply waxed or oiled.

10- Enjoy the project! Sanding and painting can be very therapeutic if you have the time and space to do it properly so take your time and relish in your unique finished piece!

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